iScan Pro OCR Scanner For Docs App Reviews

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Pretends to give it away for free

And then charges stupidly insane price to actually do what is suppose to do in the first place.

Easy Doc scan @ your finger tips.

So glad I got iScan Pro. It scanned more than 20 docs quickly & clearly comparable to my HP printer. Check it out.

برنامج رائع

استخدامه سهل و يفي بالغرض


This app is a rip off with cost after cost as well as bait and switch, misleading advertising, lies.... The charges never stop. They'll tell you unlimited files for $3.99 but that's like charging you to use your camera. They'll want you to pay for the OCR after that. Yea, the OCR isn't included 😂

Solid scanner app; responsive developer; maybe plan to upgrade to ad-free

REVIEW #2: Still a good scanner app, and it’s a good sign that the developer reads and incorporates feedback from reviews written by users like you and me. I know this b/c the developer fixed the bug that led to my first review. And, as you may have gathered from other reviewers, the ads are pretty aggressive so my rec would be to just plan to buy the in-app ad removal purchase, which after all is just $0.99 as of 11/27/17. REVIEW #1: Good scanner but persistent ads even after in-app purchase to remove them. I paid for no ads; please fix and I’ll update my review.


Beware, this piece of garbage is a complete waste of money! You’ll get more satisfaction from taking the money they scam you out of - with the in app purchases that should make this a usable app - by running it through a shredder! My vote for worst app ever!!!

crappy app

for a “pro” app this does nothing the built in app doesnt do better, unless you pay for an upgrade. fail.

Just why?

The only reason I had an interest in the app is because it was marked as a paid app offered for free. Yet when you go into the app you still have to buy something. AND the price is way higher than depicted. Not even worth trying out after seeing that.


Literally unusable. Even for free it wasn’t worth the price

Very nice

Very good

Download version pro but icon on my ipad is lite.

Download pro version but is lite.

Rubbish App

terrible experience

Disappointed in this app

App works ok but I am annoyed by advertising in an app one has to pay for. Am deleting this one also.

Just deleted this

This app blasted me with a really loud video advert while I was in the middle of trying to scan a document. It's gone from my iPhone now.

Ads are very intrusive.

I used to love this app, and use it all the time, but the new ads slow the app interface down and the new video commercials are really annoying. I am deleting this app and installing TurboScan instead.

Doesn't work this version

Hello The previous version worked excellent, but I couldn't scan any document with the current version. Hope it will fix as soon as can, this is an app very useful, for now I have to use another app to scan my documents.

Disappering photos

Photos disappear from the app. I had very important documents in this app. The day after I took these pictures POOF! they aren't there. I didn't go to the college I wanted to go to, because this app deleted my photos. I'm very angry with the creators of this app.

iPhone 4, ISO 7 ,not working

Hi , it quit inmeediately when I use on iPhone 4, iOS 7.


Crash 👎 iOS 7.1.2


Not sure what's this app is supposed to do, but it adds absolutely no benefit to just taking a picture of the page and saving/sharing it. Its supposed ability to auto detect edges is non-existent, the "crop function" actually inferior to the native camera app, and the UI is confusing too. Save your money.


This app *shows* v2.0 in iTunes, but the app displays v😡😡1.4.1 when you look at the details after you download it. This is a problem that the app developer has not addressed, and causes the app to continue to try and update every time! I've tried contacting the app developer, but he has NOT RESPONDED to me. Unacceptable. There are plenty of other scanning apps for free on the App Store that do just as good a quality (if not better) than this app.

Great one!

Just a genius app. It is very useful and saves me a ton of time because I don't have to use a scanner anymore.


A handy application for reading texts. I waited this update.

Light is crucial

The application is useful only in good light, otherwise it just makes pictures of poor quality which cannot be edited.

Easy and useful app

I use this app to take pictures and make PDFs of various receipts and hotel charges. It's easy to send them to my email, and I then attach them when I file my expenses. Generally very happy with it, though.

iPro Scan app

As a student, I often need to scan a lot of documents. With this app, it's become very easy. Just take the phone, open the app and scan! The black and white function is the most necessary function. Thanks for such useful app

This app helps me so much

At office I have a lot of paperwork, I am digitizing old documents. With this app my work speed boosted and process became attracting. Special thanks for the special price!

False advertisement

Does not scan, just takes a picture


This app is the the easiest way to scan you documents in less than a minute. Really useful.

Great tool

The app is great. It is clearly 5 stars. I can't live without it! I work with documents and texts a lot and they are not in txt. So I really need such app like that. I've tried about 10 apps but I can say that this app is absolutely best. The new version is faster and more attractive. It is very helpful and useful. Good


Nice idea to scan text with your iPhone camera. Sometimes can be useful.

The most productive

I often scan my docs in office and outdoors for boss and such app is a real hint and lifehack for me. Now instead of running for another scanning office I use my camera and instantly share everything I need.

Solo Toma fotos. Just takes Pictures

No escanea nada. Solo toma fotos. Doesn't scan anything. It just takes pictures.

great for students and teachers!

this app literally allows me to scan my homework sitting in the subway and send it to my teacher and it doesn't take me even 5 minutes to do that! I can edit it and look like I have spent a huge amount of time scanning and making my homework look perfect ! this app saves my day!

Useful application

Thanks to this app I can make a scan of any information, text or recipe I need, and send it to email, or cloud service. It works with black and white or color images and pages.

Useful app

This app is essential when I need to save info on my IPad, but I don't have time to rewrite it. The application has convenient interface, and helps me in my work and hobbies.

Useful app

This app helps me copy notes, save important documents and even business cards. The scan quality is excellent. Also, I can share the scanned documents via Facebook or email.


Delete all your scanner apps from your device! Because now you can forget about all difficulties and problems - this pro scanner app is a brilliant decision for those who need to scan a lot and in different situations. Very friendly interface, no brakes and lots of features: 5 stars!

Just takes pictures. Does not scan

Fake scanner, don't download


Easy to use and works fine. It's really helped me with my lectures. I can easily scan photo and share images in PDF format with friends. Super app.


I downloaded this app because I work a lot with documents and often need to save a document page. The app is simple and convenient to use. Would be very helpful for office workers.

Useful for students

Finally I don't have to take photos of countless documents needed for my study and then make efforts in order to read what is written there. Now I can read documents in good quality. And it's very very cool.

Well done

Scanning has never been that easy. Thank you

Good job!

Perfectly works on my iPad mini! I don't remember the last time I went to school with books or conspects:)

pretty much the one

This is the most easy-to-use app that I have ever met here. I have to admit that there are several apps of this kind that are pretty good but this one is just outstanding.


I keep a lot of different documents and receipts in my phone making photos of them but very often they are not very quality so this app solves this probem. Very useful!

Very useful

Scanner which makes my everyday paperwork easier. It scans, crops and all I have to do is a little bit of editing. Very nice!


Really convenient and easy to use. I can scan all important documents for my study immediately. This is helps to save a lot of time. 5 stars!


This app is super easy to use. The documents come out fairy clear. Can keep great color quality or make it look like a real photocopy.Works good on my iPhone 5.

Pretty good

If you're looking for a no nonsense, easy to use scanning app look no further. Cool enhancement options. Back up to cloud storage. All you need in one app

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